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We can root out coercive tactics by knowing what to replace them with

 Questions to ask ourselves:

Do I criticize... more than I compliment?

Do I insist others obey me because of my position of authority? 

Do others seem reluctant to talk to me about their feelings and concerns?

Do I attempt to guarantee my place of authority by overt or subtle forms of punishment?

Do I find myself setting and enforcing numerous rules to control others?

Do others appear to be fearful of me?

Do I feel threatened by the notion of sharing power or responsibility for decision making? 

Are others highly dependent on me and unable to make decisions for (themselves? 

Do I see myself as being the main source of inspiration for others rather than teaching them to listen to the Spirit and receive their own answers?

Do I often feel angry and critical toward others?

- Adapted from H. Burke Peterson, “Unrighteous Dominion,” Ensign, July 1989, 7. 

Positive Parenting 

with Teens

Influencing Spirituality
in Healthy Ways

A powerful analogy illustrating the difference between nurturing internal faith verses coercing outward "faithful" actions

Do those we serve feel better or worse after our encounters with them? 

“...gospel learning that strengthens faith and leads to the miracle of conversion doesn’t happen all at once..."


"in our efforts to teach... we should

 seek after whatever invites the Spirit and reject whatever drives that influence away.” 


   - Come Follow Me, “Conversion is our Goal”

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