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I thought my circumstances needed to change, but it was my relationship with the past that needed to change. 


Like many of you, I experienced some difficult things in my faith community growing up, which affected me later as an adult. For many years, I had unhealthy ideas about God and my worth, and I suffered from severe social anxiety at church.

My Savior Jesus Christ has worked a great miracle in my life! He has helped me understand and heal from what was at the root. While my past experiences have lost their sting, what I've learned will always remain with me. I wouldn't trade my experiences, as they helped me while raising my own teens. They've also come in handy in the 20+ years I've spent working with youth at church.


This site is a collection of small answers, helpful tools, and little miracles that came while healing from religious trauma and hurt at church. I hope you can find hope and inspiration if you are healing from similar things. I know God can work anything to our good.


Your friend in forward movement and change,

- Jen


Strength Beyond My Own

You planted words inside my mind

and did your best to make them true

You can say anything when we're alone

I have no control of you


You'll halt my future

I'll lose my friends

I'm irrational, confused

You say these things repeatedly

until some of them are true


But there is One beyond the shame

and Him you cannot reach

He'll part this raging sea you've left inside of me

it is Him that I choose


With Him all stones are thrown

indefinitely to the ground 

He tells me miraculous things 

when we're alone

He gives me strength beyond my own


- Jennifer  Weaver

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