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Interpersonal conflict hurts even more at church

Healing can be hard, but it's not impossible.

Peace, confidence and wholeness is within reach. 

Get Support, Helpful Tools, & Answers. Read Personal Stories of Healing 
Our Savior, Jesus Christ brings light into places where it does not exist.

"Dead people don't gossip,

they have better things to do"

“Dead people don’t gossip – They have better things to do!” is the strangest answer I’ve ever received to a prayer! It made me see that gossip and church hurt wouldn’t have the same power over me after this life, so why does it have to now? I began to understand that what I was experiencing was connected to religious trauma in my youth. Now three years into my new normal, I am passionate about sharing the answers and tools that helped me to heal.  And; above all, how my Savior Jesus Christ has made that healing complete. 

- Jennifer Weaver

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This site is a safe space for:
healing from gossip and other hurts at church, mentoring teen spirituality, and healing from religious trauma.

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