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Interpersonal conflict hurts
even more at church

Healing can be hard, but it's not impossible.
Our Savior, Jesus Christ
brings light into places where it does not exist. 

Peace, confidence, wholeness 

is within reach.

Helpful Tools & Small Answers 

"Dead people don't gossip, they have better things to do" is a strange thought, but it's true. After this life, we probably won't be sitting around worrying about things like church gossip, as hurtful as that can be -- we'll have a whole new life to enjoy! That unexpected answer changed my perspective while dealing with hurt at church. I know our Savior can help us heal -- even from things that seem to take us far from Him. 

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This site is a safe space for: healing from gossip and other hurts at church, mentoring teen spirituality, and healing from religious trauma.

Beautiful artwork on this page by the amazing Sabrina Peterson

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Our struggles “thrive in secrecy but shrink in empathy." 

- Seth Adam Smith

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