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Conflict, anger, guilt and shame hurt even more at church

Peace, confidence and wholeness is within reach. 

Our Savior, Jesus Christ brings light into places where it does not exist.

God gives us strength

beyond our own

Maybe it was an incident of public shaming as a child, "forced faith" as a teen, or a recent experience with hurtful gossip. Whatever the reason, feeling church isn't "safe" doesn't change the fact that God wants to be involved in our lives! He can help us leave our hurts and not our churches. Even when the effects of spiritual mistreatment have remained with us for a long time, and we feel like we are never enough, our Savior Jesus Christ brings light into places where it doesn't exist. He then not only heals our hurts; He helps us not perpetuate new ones.

- Jennifer Weaver
This site is a safe space for:
 Healing from coercion, bullying, gossip, and other hurts at church, mentoring teen spirituality, and healing from religious trauma in our faith communities.

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